Glidden Pharmaceutical Bottle

Image of Glidden Pharmaceutical bottle.
Pharmaceutical bottle from c. 1870

This bottle was made for Glidden & Co. at 101 North Fifth Street between 1869 and 1875. Henry H. Glidden started in business in 1868 by becoming a partner in Melvin & Glidden Wholesale and Retail Druggists. Melvin left the business in 1870, and it became Glidden & Company. Henry H. Glidden was described in an Illinois State Journal article as a “highly accomplished and intelligent gentleman, intimately acquainted with the drug business in all its departments.” Glidden left the pharmaceutical business in 1875 to enter the insurance and real estate business.

Products advertised for sale at Glidden & Co. include Kerr’s Golden Hair Dressing (for rendering hair “dark and glossy”) and Kerr’s Camphorine (for chapped hands and lips, sunburn, and chafing).

Source: “Good For What Ailed You” in Springfield, Illinois: Embossed Pharmaceutical Bottles Used by Springfield Druggists from the Civil War Era to the Early Twentieth Century, by Frederick M. Brown [2015].

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