Evanston enrollment form for the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association

Image of Evanston enrollment form for the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association.
Demanding the right to vote!

The Illinois Woman Suffrage Association (IWSA) was founded in 1869 and in the early 20th century changed its name to Illinois Equal Suffrage Association (IESA). After more than 40 years of active campaigning, Illinois women gained the right to vote in many statewide races in 1913. Illinois suffragists continued to fight for full national suffrage, which was gained in 1920.

Evanston women were active strategists in the state and national women’s suffrage movement. Evanston women like Frances Willard, Elizabeth Harbert, and Catharine Waugh McCulloch played key roles in advancing women’s rights. The canvassing for support of suffrage in Evanston in June 1911 is documented by dozens of enrollment forms (such as the one shown) for the IESA that are housed in the Evanston History Center Archive.

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