Cook County

The Carbuilder

Image of The Carbuilder, Pullman-Standard Company publication
The Carbuilder was a publication from Pullman-Standard Company for builders of all Pullman-Standard products. 

Fraternal Ribbon

Image of Fidelity Lodge No. 54, I.A. of C.W. Fraternal Ribbon
Beautiful silk ribbon with badge, from a member of the Fidelity Lodge No. 54, I.A. of C. W. (International Association of Car Workers), Pullman, IL.

The Lake Sturgeon

Image of The Lake Sturgeon
Though it sounds like a Great Lakes legend, the Lake Sturgeon is a real, if seldom seen, native of Illinois waters. The largest fish species in the Great Lakes, they can grow to nine feet long and 275 pounds, although four feet and 50 pounds is more typical.

Photoelectric Relay

Image of Photoelectric Relay.

Photoelectric relay made at Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, Wisconsin, with the cooperation of the General Electric Co., and photoelectric cells by R. J. Cashman and W. S. Huxford, 1933.  Courtesy of the Adler Planetarium.

The Chicago Century of Progress Exposition of 1933-34 celebrated the alliance between science and industry, conveying a message of hope for a better future in times of depression. The most dramatic and anticipated moment of the opening ceremony in the evening of May 27, 1933, was when the illumination of the fair was turned on, unfolding as a spectacle of light and color.


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