Wooden Bench from Lincoln’s Home

Image of bench from Lincoln's home.
Big bench for big dreams

The Lincolns were fortunate to have a long back porch on their house when they purchased it in 1844. Despite adding on and changing the house elsewhere, they kept the south-facing porch as long as they lived in the house, only adding some latticework in one section for shade and a place for the climbing roses to grow, making it a pleasant place to pass the time. Apparently it was one of Mr. Lincoln’s favorite places, as he had this bench made to his specifications: it is over 7’ long, the perfect length to stretch out and nap, read books or newspapers, or contemplate what he would face as the new President. Originally painted an elegant black with gold accents, it was later painted to match the home. A reproduction still sits on the back porch where visitors can sit and see if Mr. Lincoln’s ideas will influence their own dreams.