Milton Jones Hanging Noose

Image of Milton Jones hanging noose
Reminder of a sordid past

This piece of rope was a souvenir from the hanging of Milton Jones in Mt. Carmel on October 11, 1850. Jones was sentenced to die for the killing of his employer, Joseph Miller, while they were traveling through Lawrence County in May 1849. The trial and execution took place in Wabash County, a change of venue from where the killing took place. Details were reported in the Mt. Carmel Register newspaper in October 1849.

The rope is made of jute and is approximately two inches long and 3/8 inches in diameter. It has been wrapped at the ends to keep it from fraying. Hannah Goodart, who witnessed the hanging at the age of 14, kept it and later passed the object to her children and grandchildren who eventually donated it to the museum.

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