The Lone Ranger’s Saddle

Image of The Lone Ranger’s Saddle
Image of The Lone Ranger’s Saddle
Hi Yo Silver, Away!

Brace Beemer, who portrayed the Lone Ranger on radio station WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan, used this Western saddle. Beemer was born in Mt. Carmel in 1902, and made personal appearances for The Lone Ranger radio show on a white horse called Silver. Thousands of children turned out for the appearances. Millions of children and adults listened to the serialized program three times a week. Fran Striker wrote the scripts for The Lone Ranger program, and rights to the program belonged to the station owner, George W. Trendle. It aired from 1936 to 1953 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. This saddle, which is black with silver trim and includes the original saddle pad with black and white wool trim, has been authenticated by the Beemer family and is the only one known to exist. Several recordings of The Lone Ranger radio programs can be found on the Internet.

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