Kroehler and DuPont Miniature Room

Image of Kroeler Manufacturing Company furnature room model.
"Contemporary Modern 1965"

Illinois-based Kroehler Manufacturing Company was one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturers in the world for 80 years. It had major influence on the buying habits of the American public. The Naperville company sponsored a traveling exhibit of twelve miniature rooms, “Four Generations of Furniture Fashion.” Commissioned by Kroehler and E.I. DuPont de Nemours in the mid 1960s, the exhibit traveled widely through the late 1970s to stores and shopping centers that carried Kroehler furniture.

The Kroehler rooms were created by master miniaturist and furniture historian E.J. Kupjack. During his career, Kupjack produced more than 700 period-style miniature rooms in his Park Ridge studio, including the Thorne Rooms displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago. Kupjack created the “Contemporary Modern 1965” room to illustrate the up-to-date style of Kroehler furniture and the contribution of DuPont “Nylon” to upholstery fabrics.

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