Image of sculpture, Kimball, by John Kearney, 1994.
by John Kearney, chromed automobile bumpers, 1994

A monumental sculpture, this majestic horse commemorates the spirit of the people of the midwest.  Named after the donors’ favorite horse, Kimball, the draft horse is a symbol of the strength and courage of the early settlers of Illinois and all who continue to work the land.  

Chicago sculptor John Kearney (1924-2014) demonstrated his extraordinary talent of gracefully adapting rigid, everyday car bumpers into the flowing shapes of the steed.  By precise cutting and welding of various shapes out of automobile parts, Kearney breathed life into a variety of animals.  

Kimball was created to be slightly larger than life size in order to emphasize strength and courage.  To impart a sense of vibrancy, the artist lifted opposing legs of the horse as it begins to move forward into a trot.  

In its nearly quarter century of standing at the entrance to the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Kimball has become the most recognized icon of the museum and sculpture park.