Illinois Flag

Image of Illinois flag flown in Vietnam War.
Hometown pride

This flag was flown over the tents and barracks of the 515th Transportation Company at Cam Rahn Bay from 1966-68 during the Vietnam War. It is signed by the 22 Illinois members of that company. The 515th, known as the Roadrunners, drove 5-ton trucks hauling supplies to the troops in 12 hour shifts around the clock, 365 days each year.

This flag was flown in the Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans parade in Chicago on June 13, 1986. More than 200,000 Vietnam veterans marched in the parade while half a million more looked on. The parade was organized to pay belated homage to the veterans’ service and sacrifice and to attempt to make amends for the lack of appreciation shown to soldiers when they first returned home from the unpopular war.

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