Hoy & James Pharmaceutical Bottle

Image of Hoy & James Pharmaceutical bottle.
The cure for what ails you

The pharmacy of Edward M. Hoy and Dr. A. C. James was located in Springfield at 122 South Sixth Street from 1901-1906. Medicines sold there included Dr. Rankin’s Kidney Tablets, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, and Mystic Cure of Rheumatism and Neuralgia. The mark on the base of the bottle identifies its maker as the Western Bottle Manufacturing Company of Chicago that opened the same year as Hoy and James.

Dr. A. C. James started his medical practice in 1881. He joined Hoy in the pharmacy business in 1901. Hoy previously clerked for Gill’s Drug Store in 1885, and in 1887 he started managing a branch of Charles Ryan Jr.’s Drug Store. Hoy and James became business partners in 1901, and Dr. James bought out Hoy’s share in 1906. Hoy died in 1928 at the age of 65, and Dr. James died in 1924 at 70 years of age.

Source: “Good For What Ailed You” in Springfield, Illinois: Embossed Pharmaceutical Bottles Used by Springfield Druggists from the Civil War Era to the Early Twentieth Century, by Frederick M. Brown [2015]

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