Hand-Painted Bowl

Image of Pickard China bowl painted by Ingeborg Klein.
Each piece a work of art

This bowl was painted with a bird of paradise design by Swedish immigrant Ingeborg Klein for the Pickard China Company. Klein worked for Pickard from 1920 until about 1925, when she returned to Sweden.

The Pickard Company specialized in hand-painted art pottery and dessert and tea sets. Klein was one of dozens of European artists, male and female, who came to Chicago to work at Pickard’s studio in the early 20th century. Many of these artists were graduates of the Art Institute of Chicago. At a time when many immigrants were working in factories, sweatshops, or slaughterhouses, the Pickard Company was a desirable place to work for those with artistic skill and training. Although the work could be monotonous, employees were treated like extended family, worked on the honor system, and were encouraged to create original designs.

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