Chromorfia Constructiva

Image of watercolor painting by Penrod Centurion, Chromorfia Constructiva #49-8-12-1, 1949.
by Penrod Centurion, watercolor painting,1949
Few abstract paintings are known to exist from this once prolific, German-born artist who immigrated to Chicago in 1926 and lived in Evanston, Illinois, until 1933. In 1934, Penrod Centurion, also known as “Penny Cent,” moved to southern Illinois to teach art at the College in the Hills, an experimental college near Harrisburg. In 1937, he received a stipend award from the Solomon Guggenheim Foundation in New York City for the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. After three years of sending his artwork from Harrisburg to New York, Penny Cent left southern Illinois in 1940 and moved to New York City to fulfill his agreement with the Museum, where he worked until 1942, when he lost favor with the Museum's director, Hilla Rebay. Cromorfia Constructiva is a superb example of why he was selected as one of the first artists to be awarded a Guggenheim stipend.

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