Augusta Margaret Linebarger’s Stroller

Image of child's stroller.
Gone too soon

Augusta Margaret was born in 1917 to Harley and Lillian Linebarger of Edgar County. In 1920, she developed juvenile diabetes, for which there was no known treatment at the time. Unable to metabolize sugar, Augusta Margaret could not derive adequate nutrition from the food she ate. In an effort to prolong her life, her parents developed special menus for her and took her repeatedly to the hospital in Danville. Ultimately, a doctor wrote to them and told them that he could offer no hope for their little girl. As she grew too frail to walk, her parents took her out in this stroller.

Augusta Margaret died at age five on August 29, 1922, holding in her hand a buckeye from her favorite tree, with her loving parents by her side. Her funeral took place in the parlor of their home. Sadly, Augusta Margaret died just months after the first person with diabetes was successfully treated with insulin and just months before Eli Lily began large-scale production of insulin to treat diabetes.

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